Hafitz Maulana is a photographer based in Indonesia. Lives in between of Magenta shadow; needs to trick the brain into recalibrating wavelengths of the faith that to corresponds that particular colour in order to see the truth.

Focusing on documentary / journalism and portrait photography, He has an interest to explore different themes such history, subculture, climate crisis issue, and social issues.

Beside works for editorial, corporate &  advertising assignments, he also works on personal projects. 

He has been featured on Lomography Society International and ten finalist of Permata Photojournalist Grant 2019 mentoring by Jenny Smets, one of Project Advisors Joop Swart Masterclass, World Press Photo Foundation. 


For inquires, please send an email to hafitzmaulanamobile@gmail.com or fill the form here

Editorial Clients and Publications:

Tirto.id / Whiteboard Journal / iRockumentary / Trax Magazine / Rolling Stone Indonesia / Fur Magazine / VICE Indonesia

Commercial, Corporate, Event, NGO, and Agency Clients:

Uniqlo / Telkomsel / Studio 1212 / Vivo / Semen Indonesia / Image Dynamics / SoundrenAline / The Upstairs / RRREC Fest / Maverick Communications Solutions / Neon Lights Festival Art & Music / J&Partner / Laniege / Bir Bintang / Provident Agro/ The BRNDLS / Diamond Cold Storage